Generador de textos Lorem Ipsum con diálogos de las películas de Volver al Futuro

Generador de textos Lorem Ipsum

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Se trata de una página que genera textos Lorem Ipsum DeLorean Ipsum, pero utiliza los diálogos de los personajes de todas las películas de Volver al Futuro. Si eres fan de las películas, coincidiras conmigo de que esto es genial.

About how far ahead are you going?

Wait a minute, Doc. What are you talking about? What happens to us in the future? What do we become assholes or something?

whoa, this is it, this is the part coming up, Doc.

Listen, Doc.

Good evening, I’m Doctor Emmett Brown. I’m standing on the parking lot of Twin Pines Mall. It’s Saturday morning, October 26, 1985, 1:18 a.m. and this is temporal experiment number one. C’mon, Einy, hey hey boy, get in there, that a boy, in you go, get down, that’s it.

I’m, I’m sorry,

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De esta forma puedes utilizar los textos, para que se adapten a la perfección a cualquiera de tus diseños.

Si eres fan de las películas de Volver al Futuro, incluso puedes llegar a reconocer alguno de los diálogos. Yo he visto cientos de veces las tres películas y soy capaz de decir a qué película corresponde cada uno de los diálogos.


Lorem Ipsum con diálogos de las películas de Volver al Futuro

Oh, oh Marty, here’s your keys. You’re all waxed up, ready for tonight. What a nightmare. Your, your right. I have a feeling too. Precisely.

Right check, Doc. No sir, I’m gonna make something out of myself, I’m going to night school and one day I’m gonna be somebody. Here you go, lady. There’s a quarter. Because, you might regret it later in life. I know what you’re gonna say, son, and you’re right, you’re right, But Biff just happens to be my supervisor, and I’m afraid I’m not very good at confrontations.

Time machine, I haven’t invented any time machine. No sir, I’m gonna make something out of myself, I’m going to night school and one day I’m gonna be somebody. McFly. Back to the future. Oh, thank you, thank you. Okay now, we run some industrial strength electrical cable from the top of the clocktower down to spreading it over the street between two lamp posts. Meanwhile, we out-fitted the vehicle with this big pole and hook which runs directly into the flux-capacitor. At the calculated moment, you start off from down the street driving toward the cable execrating to eighty-eight miles per hour. According to the flyer, at !0:04 pm lightning will strike the clocktower sending one point twenty-one gigawatts into the flux-capacitor, sending you back to 1985. Alright now, watch this. You wind up the car and release it, I’ll simulate the lightening. Ready, set, release. Huhh.

My god, do you know what this means? It means that this damn thing doesn’t work at all. Well maybe you are and you just don’t know it yet. Okay, okay you guys, oh ha ha ha very funny. Hey you guys are being real mature. George, help me, please. That was so stupid, Grandpa hit him with the car.

Don’t stop, Wilbert, drive. No. Right about here. Thank god I still got my hair. What on Earth is that thing I’m wearing? Of course not, Biff, now I wouldn’t want that to happen. Now, uh, I’ll finish those reports up tonight, and I’ll run em them on over first thing tomorrow, alright?

I’m gonna ram him. Ahh. Listen, Doc, you know there’s something I haven’t told you about the night we made that tape. Well, you mean, it makes perfect sense. Well, uh, listen, uh, I really.


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